Two Major Methods To Cope Ageing In Today’s World

According to a long-held stereotype, it is believed that in men, even deep wrinkles indicate experience and solidity. In women, every thin wrinkle “screams” about the next age limit. That’s why women are so hard to experience their appearance and want to correct the running of time, at least outwardly quickly.

Today it is easy to do, and for rejuvenation, it is not necessary to resort to such severe plastic surgery measures. Still, in some cases, it will be the correct decision.

Plastic as one way

Naturally, the first signs of aging always appear on the face, and they are the most noticeable. Often deep wrinkles appear in places where skin kinks occur when we show some emotions, i.e., there are so-called facial wrinkles. And for such cases, there are a procedure called contour plastic nasolabial folds.

This type of plastic is, in fact, one of the injectable methods because deep wrinkles are filled with certain drugs – fillers. They are biodegradable, and their introduction under the skin is enough to carry out conventional injections without resorting to serious surgery.

Such procedures should be trusted only by proven professionals. It is best to contact the specialized clinics, where you will be sure of the quality of the work performed, especially if it concerns your appearance.

Injecting methods

To begin with, you can still use modern cosmetics, injected into the deep subcutaneous layers with the help of the smallest injections.

The course of such procedures gives a stunning effect – the skin soon gets a fresh and well-groomed look, wrinkles are smoothed, and outwardly the woman seems younger than 10-15 years.

Today, there is one method of introducing micro-injections, and the effect is almost the same. Another thing is that as a basis are various drugs that have different effects on the skin.

Thus, injections based on the drug Botox offers women who want to achieve a very rapid effect.

Botox’s effect is based on the fact that it partially paralyzes the facial nerves and muscles, smoothing wrinkles. The skin is noticeably younger, completely disappearing small facial wrinkles. But if you midscale the injection or injection in the wrong place, Botox can permanently or completely paralyze the facial nerves, and the beauty will not go.

The action of mesotherapy is based on the introduction under the skin of unique “cocktails” of various activities, moisturizing and refreshing face, and drugs based on hyaluronic acid to have a complex effect on it, stimulating the production of natural nutrients.

One such tool is filler, a tool for the voluminous and contouring plastics of the face, which we talked about at the beginning of the article. The drug is made based on hyaluronic acid, a non-life origin, biocompatible with human skin.

Based on all the above drugs, to a greater or lesser extent, it is possible to eliminate facial wrinkles (“goosebumps,” “beams” from the habit of often smiling), deep nasolabial wrinkles, and vertically horizontal folds on the forehead, in the corners of the mouth, smooth out postoperative scars and scars.

For example, in addition to the primary function, many means help increase and change the shape and volume of lips and emphasize facial features (“raise” cheekbones or cheeks).

The effect of all injectable drugs is designed for a long-term impact, so the course of procedures is enough to conduct every two to three years, depending on the skin condition, age, and preliminary effect, if the process has already been carried out.

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