Is it a good idea to cook in olive oil?

Olive oil is extremely healthy. It’s healthy fat “by default” … loaded with beneficial fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. Olive oil has also been a staple food for some of the healthiest... Read more »

Blister kelp to lose weight, does it work?

Vesicular kelp (Fucus vesiculosus, Fucaceae) has long been used to treat hypothyroidism or goiter, as well as to prevent iodine deficiency. In Japan, where seaweed is readily consumed, kelp is an integral... Read more »

5 Evidence Based Fat Burning Foods & Drinks

Here are 5 evidence-based fat-burning foods and drinks. 1. Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar is incredibly popular in the natural health community, and has been shown to have many benefits. It... Read more »

Odd Diets: Foods to Avoid

Foods are much salty than you might think. It is therefore essential to carefully read the indications on the labels (even if they are sometimes difficult to decipher) of all packaged or... Read more »

Low cholesterol diet: authorized foods

In the anti cholesterol diet or low in cholesterol, are allowed: Almost all fish. Chicken and other poultry. Cottage cheese. Skim milk (normal or whole milk consists of 1 to 3% fat;... Read more »

High cholesterol foods – Therapeutes magazine

Here is a non-exhaustive list of foods high in cholesterol: Egg yolk. Almost all organ meats (and especially the brain). Animal fat. Normally fatty meat. Hydrogenated vegetable oils. Fat (bacon in particular).... Read more »

Saturated fat: danger?

“Fat” is any fat that solidifies at normal temperature, such as butter, bacon fat or bacon fat. Most polyunsaturated fats are liquid at the same temperature. Any fat that has been hydrogenated,... Read more »

What is a ferment? What is it for in food?

A ferment is a body capable of catalyzing the chemical transformations of a biological substance. (Syn. ENZYME.) The term ferment not shown previously meant enzymes not contained in microorganisms. That of figurative... Read more »

What are the health benefits of probiotics?

The benefits of probiotics: digestive health Probiotics have been studied mainly in relation to digestive health. The biggest evidence has to do with antibiotic diarrhea. When people take antibiotics, especially for long... Read more »

The different types of flour and their use

The flour is apoudre obtained by grinding cereals after separation of their husks, and, more particularly, by grinding wheat. Flour and dietetics Flours are provided by cereals and some legumes. They play... Read more »