Odd Diets: Foods to Avoid

Foods are much salty than you might think. It is therefore essential to carefully read the indications on the labels (even if they are sometimes difficult to decipher) of all packaged or prepared foods. In addition, you can easily consume salt without knowing it by taking sedatives, laxatives, or even simply drinking water.

Never go on a diet without medical advice. Because the complete absence of salt in a diet can be dangerous; only a doctor can fix the essential individual ration.

The sodium content of the foods listed below is estimated in milligrams per hundred grams. These data are taken from the more exhaustive list compiled by B.F. Watt and A.L. Merrill and which appeared in their work published by the United States Department of Agriculture, Composition of Foods.

Here is the list of foods to avoid in bad diets:

  • Any canned food, unless it says “without salt”.
  • Any margarine (idem).
  • Any seasoning or sauce prepared. Any prepared meat (cold cuts, canned or frozen dishes).
  • Any tomato sauce (including ketchup). Any smoked food.
  • Any marinade or brine.
  • A number of vegetables, such as beets, celery, cabbage or spinach.
  • Pastry or baking preparations: breads, pastries, cakes, cookies. Any flour, any dessert prepared, and almost all cereals prepared Any food prepared containing more than one ingredient, such as broth cubes, malted milk, soups, mustards, crisps or French fries, etc.
  • Beers and sodas.
  • Certain proteins such as organ meats, caviar, olives and all seafood.
  • Cheese and butter not marked “no salt”.

It has been shown that excess salt can cause hypertension or edema. The required ration is 5 grams per day. But the average person consumes almost 20, reducing their life expectancy and compromising their health.

Some interesting readings:

Grapes 0.4 Gelatin 318
But 0.7 Soup (chicken) 382
Apples 1 Pancakes 425
Apricots 1 Baby preparations,
Bananas 1 (oatmeal) 437
Blueberries 1 Donuts 401
Grapefruits 1 Bread 400 to 600
Asparagus 2 Sauce (preparation
Wheat 3 for salads) 500 to 1300
Potatoes 4 Peanut butter 607
Peanuts 5 Chocolate 615
Lettuce 9 Pizza 702
Onions 10 Tuna (canned in oil) 800
Jams 12 His 925
Broccoli 15 Margarine 987
Cashew nut 15 Crab (canned) 1,000
Mushrooms 15 Comflakes 1,005
Beans 19 Bacon (cooked) 1,021
Light cream) 43 Waffles (preparation) 1,029
Carp 50 Frankfurters 1,100
Chicken 50 Cheese (hard pasta) 1,136
Milk 50 Cookies 1,300
Beets 60 Pickles (fennel) 1,428
Pork 70 pretzels 1,680
Mackerel 74 Corned beef 1,740
Herring (fresh) 74 Pop corn 1,940
Lamb 75 Caviar 2,200
Eggs 122 Green olives 2400
Asparagus (canned) 236 Canadian bacon (cooked) 2,555
Beans (canned) 236 Black olives 3,288
Cakes 200 to 400 Ground beef) 4,300
Peas (boxed) 236 Herring (mannes) 6231
Apple pie 301 Soya sauce 7,325
Baby formula Cod (salted) 8,100
(vegetables and chicken) 307 Bouillon cubes 24,000

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