Causes of back pain: what symptoms do you need a doctor’s consultation?

I felt back pain at least once in my life. Without going to the doctor, most rush to the pharmacy for “rescue” ointment and pills. Although you often have to run in a completely different direction. Special equipment is used to treat and prevent diseases of the spine and joints. But first, let’s understand in order what pains are, what to do, and how to undergo treatment.

Why does my back hurt?

The reason can be any: changes in ligaments, joints of the spine in osteochondrosis, changes in muscles, herniated discs, displacement of vertebrae – spondylolisthesis, other diseases – tumors and inflammatory processes in the spine and spinal cord, diseases of internal organs – kidneys, heart, pelvic organs, etc.

How bad is your back, and how dangerous is it?

Pain associated with osteochondrosis:

  1. Appear after physical exertion, prolonged uncomfortable posture, hypothermia;
  2. Amplified during movements and loads, reduced in the lying position;
  3. Movements in the spine are limited. There is a feeling of stiffness in the back;
  4. Aggravation gives way to periods of remission – pains pass or significantly weaken;
  5. Often pass without treatment.

Pain when the examination is needed immediately:

  1. They may appear “on their own” without stress or injury;
  2. The intensity of the pain may not depend on the loads, and if you lie down, it does not get any easier;
  3. It continually hurts, and in one place, often pains appear at night.
  4. An increase in body temperature accompanies pain;
  5. Pain is combined with tension in the muscles of the limbs or with stiffness in the morning.

If you notice at least one sign from the second list – do not delay a visit to the doctor.

What should be done when my back hurts?

Examine the neurologist to identify changes in the state of the nervous system, muscles, spine.

Take tests – general blood and urine test to eliminate the inflammatory process in the kidneys.

To undergo X-rays of the spine to rule out a fracture, osteomyelitis.

Make an MRI or CT scan of the spine to identify the disease centers, clarify the size and structure of the formation, determine its nature, and find out the condition of the surrounding tissues. The choice of method depends on the anatomical area and what kind of deviation is suspected.

MRI is suitable for examination of soft tissues, ligaments, spinal cord, intervertebral discs. CT is used if you want to diagnose changes in the bones.

What does the conclusion on the form mean?

If you make an MRI of the spine all in a row, most will have changed in the intervertebral discs and the bodies of the vertebrae and even herniated discs, only to varying degrees. They are detected in almost all people of mature age. A lot of people don’t have a bad back.

If you have been diagnosed with osteochondrosis during X-rays or a herniated disc on an MRI, it does not mean 100% that back pain appeared for these reasons. Only a doctor based on the results of a full clinical examination can draw such a conclusion.

How to treat back pain?

Treatment depends on the cause. Determining it and prescribing a course is a task for the attending physician. The purpose of therapy is to relieve acute pain and prevent aggravation. Your mission is to limit physical activity for the period of disturbance, not to load the spine.

However, continually lying too is not necessary – it leads to the fact that acute pain turns into chronic. Maximum – 1-3 days of bed rest, and then in severe pain.

For the treatment and prevention of back and joint pain, there is special equipment that can be found, as a rule, in hospitals and sanatoriums, in various health centers, as well as in spas.

You can also use the equipment for stretching the spine, which will also help relieve the load on the body and spine and properly distribute it. This can partially go away with back pain if it is not a severe disease. In any case, consult your doctor before undergoing various treatments and recovery.

In conclusion

Do not self-diagnose and self-medicate. Back pain is a symptom of various diseases, from osteochondrosis to disc herniated, from sciatica to tumor. Trying to remove the problem, not understanding the cause, you “grease” the picture and not get rid of the disease.

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